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Schahrer celebrates hole-in-one

Jack Schahrer after his hole-in-one at Indian Creek CC / photo provided.

Not only can he shoot a basketball and throw a baseball, 16-year-old Jack Schahrer can also hit a golf ball. And we mean hit.

The Prairie Central High School junior got a hole-in-one over the summer at the Indian Creek Golf Course in Fairbury. Mike Wolf and Avery Elder were there to witness it. They all thought it was going to be a long day until they got to the second hole.

“I knew it was going to be close and Wolf’s like, ‘you made that!’” recalled Schahrer.

The flag stick bent all the way over and he ended up dunking it, landing the ball right in the cup.

“It was pretty awesome,” admitted Schahrer. “I think Wolf was more excited than I was.”

Schahrer considers it one of his better shots and describes it as a “pretty cool” moment, even though it was a “here goes nothing” feeling heading into it. He called his dad who didn’t believe him at first. Schahrer has been complemented by numerous people around town.

Even though he has golfed since he was about 8, Schahrer never got serious about it until the past couple of years.

“It’s kind of funny – my brother beat me out for the last spot on varsity so I’ve been up and down with him just fighting for that last spot.”

Like any brothers, there are fights but he considers it cool to be able to play with his brother.

Schahrer feels the PC golf team should be decent this year.

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