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Woman's Club presents Maley with honor

Dale Maley accepts the Citizen of the Year honor with State Rep. Dan Brady looking on.

The Fairbury Woman’s Club 2019 Citizen of the Year was formally recognized during a ceremony at Saturday’s “A Local Taste” event hosted by the Fairbury Area Chamber of Commerce.

Dale Maley currently serves as president of the Fairbury Improvement Group and has volunteered his time for numerous projects around town. State Rep. Dan Brady was on hand to present Maley with a resolution approved by the Illinois House.

“Your work as president of an improvement group that identifies and completes projects to help improve Fairbury in so many ways makes Fairbury proud,” Brady said. “Congratulations and thanks for all you do for this community.”

Maley thanked the Prairie Lands Foundation for funding the projects and the City of Fairbury crews for their assistance.

“It’s an honor to get the award. I’d like to thank all of the volunteers who helped me on the many projects to get them all done,” Maley said.

Maley’s biggest project was the Marsh Park refurbishment where he spent 17 weeks working. The pavilion is typically booked each weekend during the summer months. He also did the three historic building murals downtown and worked with the historical murals located at Veteran’s Memorial Park.

Former city alderman Terry Zimmerman and current mayor David Slagel recruited Maley to help with the Fairbury Improvement Group, which they started.

“Terry twisted my arm and got me to join the group,” Maley recalled.

As for the future, Maley hopes the big Fairbury projects are done but admits there will always be new work to do, such as smaller projects which are already planned for next summer.

Maley currently serves as president of the Fairbury Improvement Group and has written several books about the city.

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