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Willis, Livengood attend RYLA

(Addi Livengood and Haiden Willis talked to the Fairbury Rotary Tuesday)

Two Prairie Central High School students spoke of their recent experience attending the Rotary Youth Leadership Academy.

Haiden Willis and Addi Livengood talked to the Fairbury Rotary Club Tuesday.

“There were students from all over,” said Livengood.

Guest speakers at the academy included a Senator from Champaign and others who covered public speaking and colleges among other topics.

“You got to build closer connections with the people in your group,” Willis said.

The two students heard about the program through Andrew Quain at the high school who heard about it from Fairbury Rotary President Sue Popejoy.

“These types of events have a lasting impact,” stated Quain.

Willis, a junior, would like to be an ultrasound tech and Livengood, a sophomore, wants to study elementary education. Both are involved with cheerleading currently.

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