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Voters venture out on nice day

The doors to the Boys and Girls Club are shown early Tuesday afternoon.

Perhaps it is the election hype, strong political feelings, the nice weather or a combination thereof sending Fairbury residents to the polls today.

A steady crowd was observed following the lunch hour at the Prairie Central Boys and Girls Club on First Street which serves as a polling place for the precincts of Indian Grove Township.

Fairbury News visited with some voters coming and going on Tuesday afternoon. Some voted for Joe Biden while others voted for Donald Trump but most agreed this was a very interesting election cycle.

“I’m surprised with how quickly this went when you’ve been watching all of the TV lines so that’s awesome,” said one voter. “I am glad that it’s 1 in the afternoon and people are still coming.”

One young man returned home from college for the day just to cast a vote.

“I’m here because a lot of people in the town are supporting Donald Trump and I guess that’s fine but he does do a lot that’s not okay so I’m going to vote for Joe Biden,” he said before walking away.

An area farmer hopes voters support Trump especially in an agricultural community such as this, pointing to Trump’s financial assistance to farmers. He has a message to those voting for Biden.

“He wants (wind) turbines and they voted them down, so I’d think Fairbury and this area would be saying vote for Trump.”

The farmer acknowledged all of the tension which exists between both ends of the political spectrum, hoping the country can work together once this is all over.

Two younger voters entering the polling place felt it was an exciting but interesting time to vote. They both had their minds made up of who they were going to vote for but would not specify.

“I feel like it’s more amplified than I’ve ever seen an election or anything like that before,” stated the man.

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