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Pharmacy opening is closer

The new Fairbury Pharmacy hopes to open in August along Route 24 and the owner looks forward to getting into the new building, hoping to make everything as smooth as possible.

They finally got through the red tape and were able to obtain a DEA license which allows the business to start ordering prescription drugs while getting insurance contracting in place.

While the Fairbury Pharmacy originally intended to open in May, there was an almost six-month wait on the state to issue a pharmacy license, controlled substance license and Medicaid billing number. Concerns have been raised by the local pharmacy ownership not only over fees and timetables but the business practices of Pharmacy Benefit Managers.

According to Fairbury Pharmacy owner Rob Taveggia, these three PBM’s manage the majority of insurance claims and are the reason he has not been able to open the doors yet.

Fairbury Pharmacy still hopes to help as many people as possible. If obstacles arise, they plan on filling prescriptions out of the Chenoa location and getting them out as soon as possible. For the time being, Chenoa Pharmacy can be reached at 815-945-4211.

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