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Kids enjoy scavenger hunt

A window decorated for the scavenger hunt in Fairbury this week.

Local families enjoyed a fun and safe way to get out and about this week.

A house scavenger hunt started by Ashley Mueller proved to be a popular idea among Fairbury citizens. Mueller got the idea from friends in a different town who shared their project on Facebook.

“I saw how their community got together and made a fun scavenger hunt for the kids in a safe way so they could go out in their cars with their families,” Mueller said.

More than 50 houses in both Fairbury and Forrest had different pictures posted for visitors to view from the street – including a bumble bee, unicorn, snail, tractor, bug and race car. Others featured popular movies like Star Wars and Toy Story while some included sports and the Prairie Central Hawks.

“I think it turned out pretty well,” Mueller admitted. “People had a fun time and got the kids out of the house in a safe way.”

Participants stuck to the social distancing guidelines as most stayed in their cars while following the route. The scavenger hunt was initially supposed to be Wednesday only but was extended since not everyone could make it then.

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