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Improvement group meets

Local historian Dale Maley speaks at a previous mural dedication in downtown Fairbury / file photo.

The Fairbury Improvement Group met Tuesday night (Feb. 19) in Fairbury.

According to Dale Maley, the group discussed two rides which were purchased for Marsh Park made of aluminum. They will be installed in May. Also, the door on a mini lending library at North Park has been damaged for the second time. Suspect children are hanging and swinging on the door.

The only 2019 project is expected to be the historic mural for Conrad Munz. Maley has completed historical text research for the project and the next step in the process is searching for old photos with decent resolution.

The 2019 projects list will be revised per the results of a new survey. Fairbury now has a second B&B with the opening of Hoffman House at the corner of Third Street and Route 24. Around 80 people from the Jeepster Club are expected to visit Fairbury June 7. The Fairbury Echoes Museum will be opened for the visitors.

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