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Harvest begins around Fairbury

Darrel Steidinger finishes filling a wagon Wednesday afternoon southwest of town.

Local farmers are slowly starting to harvest the 2019 corn and soybean crops.

Tom Ifft cut some soybeans northeast of Fairbury this week which were planted April 25.

“They were actually a pretty short bean but they’re doing pretty good,” Ifft said.

Ifft notes yields are going to be off this year due to planting dates and a lack of rainfall. He said the soybeans were cutting nicely and testing in the 13 percent range for moisture content.

“It’s nice getting them at that moisture because it seems like in no time, they’re down to 10 percent and then you have a lot of shatter and loss.”

This was the only field Ifft has done so far this season and he has not seen too much harvest activity in the neighborhood since very few crops went into the ground during April this year.

A few miles to the southwest, Darrel Steidinger was harvesting his family’s corn Wednesday afternoon. Moisture was around 20 percent and he estimates yields ranging from 200-250 bushels per acre in the small amount of corn they have done so far.

“This is all we’ve done. We started yesterday,” Steidinger said.

The Steidingers, who farm around Fairbury, Cropsey and Herscher, haven’t cut any soybeans yet.

Matt Kilgus has yet to venture out in the combine but his family has been going strong with the silage harvest since late August. They are just finishing up the silage pack pile and have been impressed with what they are seeing out in the field.

“Right south of Fairbury, we’ve been pretty pleased,” Kilgus noted.

Kilgus predicts they will have some soybeans ready to go toward the end of next week.

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