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Farmer's year-end poem

(Submitted by: Jon Goembel of rural Fairbury)

Mid-January we have a flood!

Not much snow – just mud.

Valentine’s Day 12 below,

February weather wouldn’t you know.

March in like a lamb, very nice day.

COVID-19 arrived here to stay.

Early April soil conditions improved.

Soybean planters were on the move.

A few days of snow soon melted away.

Corn planting resumed after the delay.

Mid-May another flood.

Clean up residue after the mud.

June was more dry than wet.

Corn was all sprayed, don’t fret.

Fourth of July, corn way past knee high.

Rainfall was fickle to say the least.

Some farms famine – others feast.

The harvest started a bit late.

It moved along at a good rate.

Good fall weather, much work done.

Preparing for winter sure to come.

Wishing you well this New Year!

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