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(Submitted By: Sally Fehr, Fairview Haven)

We are gratefully receiving donations for the 2019 Harvest of Sharing Benefit Auction.

You can look for photos and descriptions of items on our Auction website: or follow the link on our main website: When the Auction site goes live, we will post a notice on the Fairview Haven blog and Facebook page.

Please bring auction donations to the Social Services office. You can use the porch entrance on Circle Drive if you wish. You may contact Rick Plattner (, Sally Fehr ( or Anna Bahler ( at Fairview Haven. Please feel free to bring donated items in early. We don’t mind storing them and it helps us avoid a lot of last-minute processing.

We will again offer our Auction Shopping Service. If you would like to take advantage of it, you may send a monetary donation at least three weeks prior to the auction and we will purchase an item for you or use the funds towards a package (i.e. overnight stays). Also any ideas are welcomed. If you have some ideas or thoughts for an item, vacation or package for the auction, please share them with us. We are always looking for novel and interesting items!

In 2018, we had almost 950 items on the auction. Several people suggested that we had too many items and we believe this was an accurate statement. Each year, we study trends from past years to help us determine what items to purchase with donated funds. We will make an effort to reduce the number of items we purchase. Also, from year to year, we learn what items are likely to spark interest and which are less likely.

A week’s getaway has been reserved at Sedona Summit Resort in Sedona, AZ. The dates reserved are Dec. 27, 2019 thru Jan. 3, 2020. Please Note: These dates cannot be changed. The reservation is made for a one bedroom suite, including a king size bed and a sofa bed (sleeps 4). More details will be on the auction website or in the next issue of News From The Haven. The opportunity to vacation at this beautiful spot will be up for bids at the Harvest of Sharing auction!

The auction is hosted in the beautiful venue of East Haven Condos. Displays will be located in the large central commons room, in the south garages and in the hallway leading to the south garages. Entrances to the Auction will be the east entrance to the sunroom/commons room and the east door to the south garages. (Look for signs.) East Haven can be accessed by the sidewalk between East Haven and Fairview Suites.

After closing the Auction, we plan to have the auction check-out in the commons room until 9 pm.

The north East Haven garages will be used for carry-outs. The Benefit Supper will be served in the Fairview Haven main dining room. Traffic going from the supper to the auction with be routed through Fairview Suites.

The 2019 Action will be open for bids from 10 am on Wednesday, Oct. 30 thru 7:30 pm on Friday, Nov. 1. We encourage you to come in on Wednesday and Thursday so you can peruse the items before the crowd arrives on Friday evening! See the flyer inside this newsletter for more information. Proceeds of 2019 Harvest of Sharing Benefit will be used for the Good Samaritan Fund of Fairview Haven.

The Harvest of Sharing Benefit would not be possible without the support, encouragement, prayers and assistance of donors and volunteers. You are all making a difference in people’s lives and we thank you for your efforts!

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