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  • Jon Goembel

Jon Goembel's New Year poem

January seemed long and dreary,

Not much sunshine to make it cheery.

Mid-February no snow, no ice,

Sunny days sure are nice.

Cold March winds did blow,

Sometimes with rain, sometimes with snow.

Early April spring is here,

Soon planters will be in high gear.

May and June very dry,

Hoping for rain early July.

Summer rains our saving grace,

Crops developed at a steady pace.

August lots of heat,

Made crop yields hard to beat.

Mid-September harvest begins,

Good yields will soon fill bins.

Mid-October harvest progressed,

Few rainy days - time to rest.

November work makes it clear,

We're looking ahead to another year.

Shorter days, early snow, 2023 ready to go.

December will soon be here,

Wishing you well in the coming year.


Jon Goembel (and dogs, Jake & Liz, Fred died in July)

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