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Our view: We are PC strong

Our community is hurting.

We are all left with a feeling of sadness and emptiness after the sudden death of two teenagers who had a big impact on this area and beyond. Our prayers go out to all of the families and friends of these young men. We pray for peace and comfort in the days, weeks and years ahead.

One thing about Fairbury and the communities that make up the Prairie Central School District is that we all come together in times of need and this would be one of those times. We grieve together and remain PC strong.

These boys were more than just players on the football and basketball teams or students in school – they were sons, brothers, grandchildren, nephews, cousins, and friends. The two were not only unbelievable athletes who played fairly but were heroes to so many in our community away from the field and court.

Young kids would stand in line to get their autographs and they did not mind, even if it meant waiting a while before putting the pen down. They were hardworking, polite, and shining examples for others. This is something we will all remember about them and carry in our hearts.

The unselfish play in sports carried over into real life for Drew and Dylan. This genuine nature will never be forgotten. They were truly angels among us and we were blessed to have known them and follow both on their journey.

May the Lord continue to guide all of us through this difficult time and give us strength.

However difficult it may seem now, we will navigate the days ahead knowing we are all one. We are all Prairie Central.

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