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  • Jon Goembel

Jon Goembel's 2022 poem

Local farmer Jon Goembel checks his rain gauge previously (file photo).

New Year’s Day Damp, Rain and Snow.

+18 degrees Cold Winds Sure to Blow.

Early February Not Very Nice,

Foot Deep Snow – Maybe Some Ice.

March in Like a Lamb, Out Like a Duck.

Hope April is Better, With Some Luck.

April Windy and Wet, Not Much Planting Done Yet.

May Conditions Improved, Planters on the Move.

June Was Dry and the Corn Did Grow High.

Early July Showers and Heat, Then Hot and Dry.

August Was Dry – Heat Units Getting High.

As Harvest Began, Yields Were Strong.

Good Fall Weather Helped Combines Move Along.

November Crop Year Done, Clean Equipment.

Put It Away, Have it Ready for Another Day.

Early December, Windy and Cold.

What Will This Winter Hold?

Wishing you well this coming year!


Jon Goembel (dogs Fred & Jake, too)

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