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Bill signed into law

Governor J.B. Pritzker has signed a 764-page police reform bill which is now a state law.

The new law will end cash bail and requires all police officers to eventually wear and use body cameras. Also, the use of force is restricted by police. Prizker had said the bill would end systemic racism.

A group consisting of state troopers, sheriffs and police unions released a statement against the bill. Locally, the Livingston County Sheriff’s Office released the statement from the Illinois Law Enforcement Coalition.

“In signing this bill into law, Governor Pritzker chose to listen to a few strident political voices rather than the 120,000 petition signing citizens who plainly saw the bill for what it is,” the statement read. “This new law is a blatant move to punish an entire honorable profession in droves and handcuff those who remain so they can’t stop crimes against people and property.”

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