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Atkins to hold planter meeting

A planter monitor is displayed by Atkins Seed Service.

Growers are hoping for a stress-free time in the tractor cab come planting season. That’s why many are brushing up on planter knowledge during winter meetings.

Atkins Seed Service, located near Weston, will hold a planter monitor review session March 19 starting at 8 a.m.

“It’s been 11 months since we have used it and guys tend to forget including myself,” said Dean Atkins at the recent Prairie Central FFA Farm and Home Show.

The informational meeting will also include planter maintenance tips and information on the Climate FieldView program.

Atkins believes many growers overlook the simple stuff, which is why they should take a close look at their planters before heading to the field in April. General maintenance includes examining bearings, chains, disk openers and wheels since any planter part can wear over time.

“We are going around to guy’s farms right now and checking stuff over for them, giving them a list of things that look good or things they need to replace,” Atkins adds.

Atkins Seed Service is offering meter specials through the end of the month with a $10 per row discount on planter meters. Speed Tubes are included in the special.

“We tear them apart, clean them and look at all of the parts and make sure they are calibrated.”

For more on planter tips or to attend the March 19 meeting, call 815-945-5113.

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