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10 years for farmer's market

A recent Fairview Haven farmer's market is shown in Fairbury.

In its tenth year, the Fairview Haven farmer’s market continues to serve as a fun activity for residents while giving area families the chance to sell fresh produce to local buyers.

The produce and baked goods are enjoyed by many and those contributing to the market profit from the sale of their items. Any funds collected beyond sales and fees of operation benefit the Fairview Haven Building Fund.

Several families have operated the market in the past by managing donations and sales. Those involved this year include the families of Loren and Devon Steidinger, Matthew and Jodi Kaisner, Joel and Amber Plattner and Dave and Kara Blunier.

The market is open Wednesday mornings (mid-May through Labor Day) on the front patio of Fairview Haven. Due to COVID restrictions this year, customers and operators are asked to wear a mask.

(Thanks to Fairview Haven's Sally Fehr for contributing the information for this article.)

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