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Witches descend on Fairbury

Women dressed like witches gather at the Hoffman House in Fairbury Wednesday evening.

Visitors to Fairbury’s Hoffman House Wednesday evening may have thought they entered a haunted dwelling.

Several local women dressed like witches for the gathering organized by LuAnn Sutter. This tradition of dressing up dates back at least a decade to Sutter’s country home where friends and family would gather for her annual witch picture party.

“I like the occasion and it’s a good reason to get the girlfriends together,” Sutter said.

While previous gatherings included a family-oriented chili dump and pumpkin carving at harvest time, this year’s event was more laid back.

“This was just kind of a spur of the moment situation so we just all came together to have fun, drink some wine and celebrate the Hoffman House and the heritage of Fairbury.”

Sutter originally planned to do a witch walk to local restaurants in town for a glass of wine or a sandwich but winter suddenly made an appearance in Central Illinois putting a damper on those plans.

Selling a witch picture with all of the proceeds going to local charities is Sutter’s ultimate goal with the venture.

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