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Updates on Rt. 24, hospital given

(The old Fairbury Hospital building shown last spring, file photo)

Brett Ashburn, City Superintendent, told the Fairbury City Council Wednesday evening that patchwork on Route 24 has been completed.

Ashburn also said the contractor responsible for tearing down the old hospital had recently contacted him. The contractor plans to bring in demolition equipment by the end of this week and start demolishing the old hospital next week.

Alderman Steve Endres reported recently receiving complaints of kids driving golf carts through yards in Fairbury. In one case, the Fairbury Police were called to respond.

The quote still needs to be finished for refurbishing the downtown public sound system. It will be voted on once the final proposal is received.

The Council approved a revised quote from Solid Rock Masonry for work at the Stafford Center swimming pool complex. The Council also approved a revision to the pay ordinance.

The Council voted to donate $1,000 to the upcoming Fairview Haven Harvest of Sharing Benefit, the same amount given last year.

The Council approved transferring $5,000 from the general fund to the auditing fund. A proposal to repair and upgrade the lights on one of the fire trucks was also approved.

Mayor David Slagel reported he received a thank you note from the Fairbury Fair for the city helping to sponsor the Fairbury Fair this year.

The next city council meeting will discuss plans for an upcoming November 20 disaster planning event.

Mike Mellott, Water Department Superintendent, reported that his department has finished the annual flushing of hydrants for 2023. Council members also approved the Consent Agenda, including the last meeting minutes, financial reports, police reports, and sidewalk requests.

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