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Teens volunteer at park

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

Left to right: Xavier Watson, Kari Leman, and Drake Condon paint tables at Marsh Park.

Picnic tables in Fairbury’s Marsh Park received a fresh coat of paint last week, thanks to teenage volunteers with the local Building Future Leaders program.

BFL students were accompanied by class facilitator Lesley King and her husband Brian as they worked outside on a beautiful Thursday morning.

“We were blessed with an amazing day – it’s not too hot or cold,” said program participant Xavier Watson.

Watson noted it felt good to get out with the other students and have a good time at the park while helping others. He did not know some of the others in the program at first but has built plenty of friendships along the way.

The BFL group takes business tours, has guest speakers talk about entrepreneurship and learns about public speaking skills and confidence.

“I like it,” added Watson. “This helps me become a better person and learn how to communicate with the people around me.”

This is Ashley Acisenach’s second year in the summer program. The Piper City native has learned plenty.

“I really enjoy volunteering and painting is really fun to do.”

Kelsi Teubel has been enjoying her first year with the program, especially going on the business tours and listening to the different speakers.

“I am very happy that I found it,” Teubel said.

Students also had the idea of gathering food and other household items for a family in need. They each brought items into class to donate to the family.

The Illinois Prairie Community Foundation provided funding from the IPCF annual Campaign Fund. BFL students meet at the Connection Center in downtown Chatsworth.

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