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Stadel ends on a high note

Ellaina Stadel of the Fairbury Prairie Farmers Club poses with her winning entry, a visual arts nature project.

After making plenty of memories during the past 11 years in 4-H, Ellaina Stadel of the Fairbury Prairie Farmers club is enjoying every minute of her final Livingston County Fair this week.

“I am happy to be done because I have college and it gets a little stressful but it’s really fun being able to come out here one last time,” Stadel said in the Humiston Building Friday morning.

Stadel did well with her projects this year as her visual arts nature project was the champion and chosen for the Illinois State Fair.

“This one was just kind of something for my mom,” explained Stadel. “She is always interested in the fairy garden stuff and we decided to do something made out of wood that would last longer.”

Details on the project include preserved moss, rocks and sticks. Other entries by Stadel include photography, floriculture, cooking 401 and jams, jellies and preserves.

“I took a picture of a family friend and then I’ve done jams, jellies and preserves for a while now so we did bruchetta in a jar and a quick onion marmalade.”

A large Father’s Day themed floral arrangement created by Stadel really stood out on the shelves of the project area. She also entered a pie shell.

Stadel, who is a part of the Livingston County 4-H Federation, currently attends college and majors in Human Services. She hopes to eventually have an internship with 4-H and plans to come back to help at future fairs.

Stadel's winning Father's day themed floral arrangement at the Livingston County Fair.

The Fairbury Prairie Farmers club banner hangs with other clubs in the Humiston Building.

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