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Sewer project rolls on

Part of the Fairbury sewer plant is shown Wednesday morning.

Work on the Fairbury sewer project continues with the goal of having the plant online this winter.

The city’s Long Term Control Plan resulted from heavy rains overflowing sewer capacity. That concerned the EPA which had the city do the project. Fairbury Sewer Superintendent Brad Duncan feels construction has gone well with Vissering, the general contractor.

“They’re more than willing to work with the city,” said Duncan.

Duncan is impressed with all of the new technology at the sewer plant. The headworks building was one of the first to be constructed. This is where all of the flow comes in from the entire town. Included are new motor control centers and a screen with a rotary cleaning brush.

A non-potable water system was installed throughout the entire plant to be eco-friendly and Duncan’s goal is for the facility to be as efficient as possible. Another building handles grit removal and wash.

“Every piece of equipment talks to the other piece of equipment,” Duncan explained.

This new technology allows staff to know what is happening at all times, as the city operates the plant and the entire collection system. There is more to do than simply monitoring the system as manual input is still required since lab work is done.

The control building has been at the site since the late 1970s but major upgrades were done to it. Also, the basin was modified in the aeration building with eight zones now instead of two. Other features include a new aluminum railing with stainless steel piping and a new generator will run the entire plant.

“There’s a lot of flexibility with it,” Duncan said.

City officials hope to eventually hold public tours at the new plant. Duncan spoke to members of the Fairbury Rotary Club about the project on Tuesday.

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