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School board approves audit

The Prairie Central Board of Education accepted the FY23 audit during its regular October meeting.

The audit has been finished with no adverse findings. Superintendent Paula Crane presented basic information which can be found on the school district’s website located with the financial information.

Under new business at the recent meeting, the board was presented with proposed curriculum guide changes and will take action on the changes at the next regularly scheduled meeting. The group also learned that options are being negotiated for insurance renewal as high increases are anticipated. An insurance recommendation is expected next month.

Crane provided a maintenance project update which revealed the Ag/IT building work is still on schedule as crews are ready to pour the floor. Once this is complete, the steel frame will be installed which could take two weeks. Then, the goal is to enclose the building by mid-December.

A maintenance project grant for $50,000 has been submitted and the district is awaiting approval from the state. The money will be used to replace the final area of the Upper Elementary roof with early summer completion.

Brian Quam presented information from a recent Advisory Council meeting which includes the need to add a term of U.S. History to be compliant with State of Illinois Guidance. The council also discussed having LACC Welding I at Prairie Central as a satellite campus. This is contingent on a memorandum of understanding agreed upon by PC and the Livingston Area Career Center.

Quam noted the high school will be working on ways to improve student SAT scores which includes instructional methods, lesson planning and how instructional time is being used on the block schedule.

Board members approved the consent agenda, which includes the activity fund report, bills, CSFT reports, cafeteria reports, investment schedule and Treasurer’s report. Minutes of the Sept. 21 regular meeting were also approved.

PCEA president Caren Appel and lead negotiator Angie Kratochvil reported on a workshop introducing the concepts of Interest Based Bargaining. It is a problem-solving approach to negotiating. The board agreed to consider this method and attend a training with the PCEA negotiating committee if the committee agrees.

Following an executive session, the board approved the resignation of Wendi Zimmerman as an administrative assistant effective Jan. 26, 2024 and the termination of Justina Jeras, a PCP East paraprofessional, effective immediately. A leave of absence was granted for Gabrielle Zeedyk, high school math teacher and a transfer was authorized for Lucinda Followell from high school café worker to PCP West café worker.

The following were employed by the district:

-Brittany Bell for the fall play effective Oct. 20.

-Jayde Underwood, PCE café worker and bus monitor.

-Danielle Harper, PCP East parapro.

-Kyah Bazzell, PCP West parapro, contingent upon licensure and effective upon receipt of valid license.

-Dawn Hamilton, PCP East parapro.

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