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Prairie Lands winter update

A Fugate Woods seminar held this year / photo provided.

At the close of another year, Prairie Lands Foundation would like to thank everyone for their contributions toward the mission.

The group was happy to welcome a new board member, Erik Kurtenbach and a new land steward, Bill Handel this year. With the help of several Illinois Clean Energy Grants, a boardwalk was installed at James Woods, equipment and plants were purchased to continue the development of Munz Park, and when weather permits, several new amenities (birdhouses/signage) will be installed at Griswold and Sunbury Prairies.

Land was purchased along Seventh Street in Fairbury to extend the current walking trail and work continues on the Redbud Pavilion in Fugate Woods. Matching challenges for the Prairie Central Educational Endowment Fund and the Boys & Girls Club Endowment Fund along with support for a Girl Scouts trip are some of the projects and happenings for the 2019 year.

Prairie Lands deeply appreciates your continued contributions and your willingness to volunteer to accomplish the foundation’s mission.

Here is rundown of some of the fall and winter projects:

After weather prevented the installation of bird houses, land steward Bill Handel gave the Saunemin 4-H members and their leaders a tour of Griswold Prairie.

A group of Prairie Central Junior High and TriPoint Junior High students participated in a Mollusk Survey.

Conversations with Fugate Woods native workshop given by Susan Post and Michael Jeffords for PLF educators and volunteers at Fugate Woods.

It’s encouraging to see the late blooms on the plants planted at Munz Park this spring. Volunteers added some additional plants to continue the development of the landscaping.

The Redbud Pavilion in Fugate Woods is almost completed. The concrete floor has been poured and the beautiful block work has begun.

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