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Pharmacy coming next year

The future site of Fairbury Pharmacy which should open in the spring of 2021.

Chenoa Pharmacy has accumulated many customers from the Fairbury, Forrest and Chatsworth areas in recent years and plans to open an additional location in Fairbury.

Owner and pharmacist Rob Taveggia has purchased the old Randall’s Liquors building along U.S. Highway 24. Leman Builders is expected to begin construction work soon with a goal of opening next spring. The existing building will be used but Taveggia says it will look completely different.

“That is going to be depending on the State of Illinois and how quickly they are able to facilitate the licenses, inspections and everything else that goes along with opening it,” Taveggia explained.

Locals seem to be excited about having a small town, independent pharmacy in the middle of the community. Taveggia already has a pharmacist hired for the new Fairbury Pharmacy, which will include a basic pharmacy with over-the-counter products and possibly a few gift items.

“Just the feedback we are getting from the people of Fairbury that have heard the news already makes you feel welcome and makes you hopeful (the business) will thrive there,” said Taveggia.

One of the motivating factors for Taveggia to take the plunge into business at Fairbury was the excitement and support expressed by the Steffen family of Dave’s Supermarket. Dave’s shares Taveggia’s belief that an independent pharmacy will entice people to do business in town.

“Everybody is excited about the fact that hopefully we’ll keep more people in town,” added Taveggia.

Chenoa Pharmacy dates back to 1889 and Taveggia is the fourth owner of the business. They pride themselves on individual care and helping the customer. Local residents know the pharmacy since employees have delivered prescriptions to this area for a couple of years now.

“We do anything we can to not be the corporate prototype in the way of ripping people off and being fair about the way we do business.”

For more information, visit and look for them on Facebook. Chenoa Pharmacy is located at 209 Green Street in downtown Chenoa. New patients should call 815-373-5442 and current patients can call 815-945-4211. You can also e-mail:

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