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New shop has plenty to offer

Kathy Kupferschmid, left, and Kathy Ladeairous are shown inside Fairbury Furniture / photo by Tonya Wells.

A new addition to Fairbury Furniture is proving to be popular among the city’s residents.

WC Market, located inside the large downtown store, launched in November and is considered a bit different than other shops.

“I think it’s a great addition to the furniture,” explained WC Market manager Kathy Kupferschmid. “It gives you a way to see what your home would look like in a setting that feels more like home.”

Kupferschmid formerly owned the Antique Shop on Route 24 which is now The Spotted Owl. She and her husband moved away around five years ago and have returned home.

“They called me and asked if I’d be interested in bringing that in, being the buyer for it and doing displays.”

Many of Kupferschmid’s old customers and some new faces have browsed the business so she feels there has been a good response so far. Kathy Ladeairous, who was also an employee at the former Antique Shop, is Kupferschmid’s assistant.

“She helps me buy the product then display it,” Kupferschmid added.

WC Market includes plenty of items in addition to home décor, such as gifts, jewelry and candles. It serves as a place where you can pick out something for yourself or someone else while staying local without having to travel to a different town.

Kupfershmid said she is passionate about relationships in town and not just seeing someone as a number, but getting to know them and their family. She enjoys that connection piece of the business.

“We really want to be ever-changing and always have something new with new displays.”

Walton Centre and Fairbury Furniture owner Rick Wilson believes the addition of WC Market has really “upped their game,” calling this a great addition to Fairbury.

“I’m really happy about it,” said Wilson, who operates the businesses with his wife Jeanne.

Another employee, Tonya Wells, keeps everything organized and is a great worker, according to Kupferschmid.

“She has a great eye to detail with her photography business,” Kupferschmid noted. “She sees all of the little things which is really important.”

Wilson considers Wells a good decorator and just what the store needed. She is also involved with the social media aspect of the business.

“We’ve got a great team – we’ve got Fairbury’s finest,” Wilson said.

In addition to the debut of WC Market, Fairbury Furniture recently expanded the mattress showroom by renting the old video store just down the street. The building has plenty of bedroom sets and mattress lines.

“Instead of buying online from someone you don’t know, you can stop in as we have a big selection. We even have mattresses in a box,” Wilson explained.

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