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Message of hope shared

Pastor Paul Wier of First United Methodist Church at the Fairbury Fair on Sunday morning.

All of us like sheep have gone astray but the Lord has laid the sins of us all on Him.

That was the message shared by Pastor Paul Wier of the First United Methodist Church of Fairbury during the community worship service at the Fairbury Fair. Wier said God invites us every day to share the incredibly good news with those around us.

“We know a savior who has done all that is necessary for the salvation of everyone.”

Wier reminded the audience fairs tend to make things better and lead people to enjoy life. We accept the feedback and embrace it as a way of making improvements.

“One of the challenges you and I face, we constantly have folks who tell us to get out or be quiet because we’re sharing the truth of the gospel,” said Wier.

Wier feels it is our place to share the truths of God’s purposes for us.

“We know a savior who has done all that is necessary for the salvation of everyone,” added Wier.

In closing, Wier said God is constantly working to inspire us to share his love.

Sheryle Atkins welcomed everyone to the service at the grandstand.

“It’s kind of a non-traditional place to worship but God doesn’t care where we worship,” admitted Atkins.

Atkins noted there were others worshipping around the world as well, calling it a “wonderful privilege.”

“What a privilege it is to be here in the grandstand of the Fairbury Fair,” she added.

Wayne Kurth presented an opening prayer during the service and said memorization is very important which his why children should learn Bible verses. He shared one of his favorite verses from the book of Jeremiah. Roger Beasley gave the closing prayer.

Sunday’s service also included a blend of contemporary and traditional worship music.

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