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Local election results

Unlike a couple of other area towns, Tuesday’s election lacked contested races in Fairbury.

For Ward 1 Alderperson, Jon M. Kinate received 54 votes. In Ward 2, Charles L. Hoselton Sr. received 38 and Steven C. Endres received 46 in Ward 3. Ward 4 Alderperson Gary Norris received 51 votes. All ran unopposed.

Three people ran for three spots on the Prairie Central Board of Education. In Livingston County, Benjamin Stoller received 457 votes, followed by Dana Kafer at 442 and Bradley Duncan at 413. In McLean County, Kafer and Stoller each had 370 votes while Duncan received 352.

Valerie Stoller was elected to a two-year unexpired term to the Forrest Public Library District unopposed while Peg Austman and Suanne Medina were also elected unopposed for a six-year term.

There was a contested race for Forrest Village Trustee with five individuals running for three seats. The three unofficial winners as of Tuesday night were: Jerry Austman with 62 votes, followed by Kenneth Sinnett with 54 votes and Leslie DeFries with 49. They defeated Dennis Quigley and Odell Collins who both fell short of the needed votes.

In Chatsworth, the three running for area library district trustee included Kay Grizzle, Lucille Haberkorn and Michael W. Smith. There was no candidate for the CAPS Park District commissioner two-year unexpired term but Kelli Henrichs, Christopher Kaberkorn and Ryan Dassow were elcted for a four-year term.

For Chatsworth Town Trustee, Katherine Cavanagh was elected to a two-year unexpired term while Richard Harn Sr., Gordon W. Schroen and William Price were elected to a four-year term.

Darren Ropp and Kent Bielfeldt were elected Ford-Livingston Land Commissioner.

The three elected for a four-year term as Strawn Village Trustee included George Odum, Sandra Goembel and Daniel Small. Stacey Heavilin was chosen for Strawn Village Clerk. She ran unopposed. Gena Vernon is Strawn Village President as she was also unopposed.

The Liberty Systems election site for Livingston County reports there were 2,716 ballots cast out of 21,143 total voters for a 12.8 percent voter turnout based on all 47 county precincts reporting. Early voting accounted for 4.3 percent of voters with vote by mail at 30 percent and polling at 65.8 percent.

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