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Life a picnic for Rafferty

A picnic setup from Picnics by Meg is shown / photo courtesy of Megan Rafferty.

A unique local business specializing in luxurious picnics has really taken off.

Megan Rafferty always wanted to get into event planning but was never sure of a good place to start until she discovered a picnic company in California. She immediately thought this could be a good fit for Illinois.

“Shortly after I discovered this business in California, I sat down and wrote out a business plan,” said Rafferty. “I wanted to run with the idea but make it mine at the same time and that’s exactly what I did.”

Once Picnics by Meg launched on Facebook, it quickly spread all around Central Illinois as they had 10 reservations by the end of the first day. The business creates custom picnics for any occasion such as birthdays, wedding rehearsal dinners, baby showers, gender reveals or just because.

“When I first started up the business, we were using pallets as tables with a plan to get actual tables in the future when we became financially stable, which happened a lot sooner than I would have ever expected.”

Due to an increase in the number of picnic reservations, Rafferty had to hire extra help since she was juggling multiple jobs with a very busy schedule. Five individuals currently work for Rafferty.

“They are all amazing at doing picnics and it has been awesome to see what each of them has already brought to the table with new ideas and everyone has such a different way of setting up picnics,” Rafferty noted.

Picnics by Meg has organized two special events already – one a ladies night out event held over the summer and another coming up this Saturday (Sept. 26) called “Mimosa Morning.”

The business has teamed-up with Fairbury’s Hoffman House for both events which consist of free tours of the historic home along with picnic meals and entertainment.

Rafferty currently travels up to 70 miles from Fairbury to setup picnics and is willing to travel farther for bigger parties. Those wanting more information should call or text: 815-383-9896, e-mail: or look for Picnics by Meg on Facebook.

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