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Skate park idea returns

A bike and scooters are parked outside Fairbury City Hall during Wednesday's City Council meeting.

Those wanting a skate park in Fairbury attended Wednesday’s regular meeting of the Fairbury City Council.

The group of adults and children would like to see something similar to what has been developed in the nearby towns of Pontiac, Bloomington and Minonk.

“These skate parks are for bikes, skate boards, scooters and roller skates,” explained local resident Jeremy Stoller.

Area children have been visiting the Pontiac skate park, which Stoller said seems to get used fairly often. Stoller admitted a skate park would not be cheap and they would likely need to come up with the funding for it.

“Pontiac’s was built in ’06 and seems to be in pretty good shape still,” Stoller noted.

The hope is to give kids in town something to do other than playing video games. Stoller suggested the centralized Marsh Park as a possible location compared to North Park which is more on the edge of town.

“We checked with our insurance company years ago but we have a different one now so we’re going to have to re-check,” said Mayor David Slagel.

“Henry, Illinois has a nice one,” added Alderman Bruce Weber.

Stoller’s son and a couple of friends created a skating video which was shown to the council. Stoller did not have any numbers regarding the usage of Pontiac’s skate park but did note the Bloomington one is used quite a bit.

Resident Donita Hargitt said she takes kids to the Pontiac skate park soon after school and there are five to seven more kids there within a half hour. She never sees garbage around and observed that kids are not vandalizing the park during the day.

“The language will get a little rough but the kids that were there took care of it,” said Hargitt. “They’re policing themselves.”

The mayor thanked the crowd for showing up and expressed interest in a possible skate park but pointed to the need to get more numbers, logistics and the needed funds raised.

Also at Wednesday’s council meeting, Street Superintendent Martin Steidinger reminded everyone of an April 18 electronic recycling event which is open to the county, not just Fairbury residents. Items can be dropped off at the recycling shed located at 107 S. Jackson.

A quote from Ken’s Oil Service to install a bulk diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) tank and pump was approved. The cost is $722.29. Steidinger said the city is getting more vehicles which use DEF and running 45-50 gallons per month. They would like to put 150 gallons in a 300-gallon tote with a pump on it. Currently, the city pays $2.39 a gallon and the cost would be $1.69 in bulk.

“If we do it in a pump, everything is contained,” explained Steidinger.

Angie Taylor’s request to host the third annual High Octane Show & Shine was authorized. The show is scheduled for Saturday, May 30 starting at 11 a.m. Trophies will be presented around 4 p.m. and the location will be the same as last year.

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