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Group helps with legal needs

Adrian Barr speaks to the Fairbury Rotary Club at Dominy Library Tuesday afternoon.

The non-profit Prairie State Legal Services helps qualifying clients with various legal needs at no cost.

Prairie State’s Adrian Barr spoke to members of the Fairbury Rotary Club this week. He believes representation is essential in order to receive a fair outcome in court. The organization is funded by various grants and local donations.

“Prairie State is a big organization,” Barr explained. “We serve the northern half of Illinois.”

Cases Barr works with include divorces, landlord and tenant issues. Around 30,000 people would qualify for the services in the three counties Prairie State serves. Social service agencies refer cases to the group.

“We have great volunteers,” Barr added.

According to Barr, almost everyone knows someone with a criminal record and he feels people do change.

“Criminal record relief will give people a second chance.”

Records can either be expunged or sealed. Expungement means erasing a record while sealing means hiding someone’s record. Criminal record relief can help certain individuals contribute more to the community by working.

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