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Garbage collection discussed

Fairbury's Locust Street is shown Wednesday evening.

Street Superintendent Martin Steidinger told members of the Fairbury City Council Wednesday night the city may need to look at subbing out garbage collection with one worker out currently while he has lost another in recent months.

“I think we are at a fork in the road and I just don’t want to get to a dead end,” Steidinger said.

Mayor David Slagel admitted he is not a fan of this option which could end up raising garbage rates with less service. However, Slagel said he is not opposed to listening to further information at a future meeting. City Superintendent Brett Ashburn would like a committee meeting to see what options are available.

“I’d rather throw money at hiring people if you can find them,” noted Slagel.

Steidinger said it is possible to keep a truck while still collecting containers.

In other action Wednesday, the Fairbury City Council approved a resolution authorizing the city’s participation in a settlement agreement program for the National Opioid Crisis class action lawsuit. The suit is against big pharmaceutical companies, claiming they caused the opioid epidemic or are somewhat liable. As a governmental entity, Fairbury is eligible to participate, according to the mayor.

A class action suit was filed against opioid manufacturers and distributors which was consolidated in the Northern District of Ohio under Case #1:17-md-2804 (DAP). An agreement is designed to provide funds to state and local governments which opt-into the settlement process. Alderman Charles Hoselton made the motion to approve the resolution with a second from Alderman Jerry Hoffman.

Under new business, the council voted to pay out sick days to employees who have more than 48 sick days available at the end of the year.

Steidinger reported the new fire truck is out at Leman Paint Works getting touched up and decaled. It should be ready sometime next week. Ashburn said the water tower mixer has been installed and hooked up. He reminded the council and public that those with trash pickup on Friday will change to Thursday for Christmas and New Year’s weeks.

During public comment, local resident Dale Maley thanked Mayor Slagel for introducing him at a recent award banquet in Bloomington for Philanthropist of the Year for outside of McLean County.

The Fairbury City Council also:

-Approved a $2,000 donation to the local food pantry from gaming funds.

-Changed residency requirements for city employees extending out to the Prairie Central school district instead of Fairbury only in hopes of getting more hires.

-Paid the 2022 Chamber dues in the amount of $650.

-Approved the consent agenda, which included Dec. 1 meeting minutes, voucher invoice register, treasurer’s cash report and check register.

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Barbara Mcdonald
Barbara Mcdonald
16 Δεκ 2021

I would advise Fairbury City Council to stay as far away from Government involvement as possible !!!! Please do not get involved with the Opioid is not everything, our " Freedom" from Government is !!!! Thank you

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