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Fund, United Way join forces

The United Way of Livingston County and the Fairbury Community Fund have joined efforts to benefit those in the community.

Both agencies raise money for local agencies and the Fairbury fund has collected money for many years.

“When we found out what United Way does, we thought hey, they’re the United Way of Livingston County,” said Fairbury Community Fund President Jodi Martin. “How about we join efforts and make this happen?”

In 2019, United Way supported 881 individuals in Fairbury alone with funds. That does not include money from the Community Fund.

“By putting it together, people have the same services they’ve always had,” explained Deb Howard, executive director for United Way of Livingston County.

Howard said both agencies do a great job but now Fairbury will have someone working full-time as well. Informational flyers have been given to the Fairbury Area Chamber of Commerce and be watching for signs along Route 24 this summer promoting lunches in the park.

The first lunch is set for June 10 featuring Steidinger’s meat and Catton Creamery from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Sunken Park in Fairbury. Cheese burgers or pork burgers will be available for $2.75 along with fries or cheddar balls for $1.75, drinks for $1.00 and ice cream for $2.50. Lunch is $8.00. Dave’s will provide food for the second event July 22 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. with the details to be determined.

“Last year was a rough year for finances because of COVID,” notes Howard. “Lots of people are hurting and needing help so if we can be there for them, that’s just wonderful.”

United Way helps those who are employed but income constrained, such as a waitress, gas station employee or big box store worker. Many of us know these folks in the community.

“They are pretty much one paycheck away from a disaster if their car breaks or if they have to get new medication,” added Howard.

The organization helps those who are working hard and “trying to make it happen,” according to Howard. This is what the phrase “living United” is all about.

Fairbury’s Community Fund will continue to send out letters, starting in June with businesses before moving on to individuals.

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