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Forrest concerns brought here

A Forrest resident appeared before members of the Fairbury City Council Wednesday evening hoping for more police patrols in neighborhood areas.

“Our library has been broken into,” said Sharon Clark. “We have had vandalism.”

Clark noted Hispanic individuals were going through her back yard, drinking “all the time” on the weekend and trying to break into a home. This has caused her to feel scared coming home at night and she said there are other people feeling this way. She plans to put up a fence to deal with the situation.

“I came down here to get away from Chicago,” Clark told the council.

Fairbury Police Chief Robert McCormick encouraged Clark to call police when problems are occurring so they are aware.

“If we are aware of the problem, we can deal with it,” said McCormick.

“That’s why I’m here,” Clark replied.

The chief told Clark with Illinois being declared a sanctuary state, that makes things very difficult for the police department.

“We actually are hand-tied and it’s illegal for us to take certain actions,” advised McCormick.

“I live right in between two illegals in the community,” Clark added.

Clark first appeared before the Forrest Village Board and was then told to speak with the Fairbury City Council since Fairbury's police patrol both towns.

In another matter at Wednesday’s Fairbury City Council meeting, Chief McCormick noted they did pick up the new police Explorer and it is getting outfitted with equipment. The vehicle should be up and running quickly.

City Superintendent Brett Ashburn updated the council on a recent water incident which he considers an inconvenience. A well drew down into water that was less than ideal but not a safety issue, according to Ashburn.

While no one called City Hall to report smells or tastes associated with the water, residents took to social media to voice their complaints on a weekend. The city drew from the well on a Monday and was not aware of a situation until Saturday.

“If there’s a problem, they need to call,” said Alderman James Tipton.

Ashburn emphasized this was not an emergency or health concern.

Alderman Gary Norris reported that work is progressing at the swimming pool and the window in front has been replaced. All of the guards are lined-up for the coming season.

Alderman Jon Kinate noted several residents have asked about the city painting parking lines on the street. This is expected to be done shortly.

A bid was approved from Eppel of Pontiac for the Locust Street ADA sidewalk project at $263,204. This involves work on the corners to make them ADA compliant.

“We were satisfied they were the lowest bid,” said Superintendent Ashburn.

The 2024 MFT maintenance program was approved. Work will happen on Walnut and Pine streets. A project is also in the works on Seventh Street from Route 24 to the high school and Mirlynbeth will get resurfaced. The city is trying to get this information out sooner this year so they have a larger pool of companies to choose from.

A small boat purchase was authorized for the Sewer Department. This will be used to help clean out diffusers. The price for the 13x7 boat is $6,648.

Council members approved the consent agenda which included March 6 meeting minutes, voucher invoice register listing the bills, treasurer’s cash report and check register.

Sidewalk requests were approved at 506 South Clay and 411 West Oak.



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