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Family passes on gift of music

PCHS choir director Todd Cheek reads information about the grand piano donated to PC.

The memory of a former Fairbury-Cropsey student lives on thanks to his family.

Chris Siegmund, a 1984 FCHS graduate, passed away in 2020 and loved music. His family has dedicated a grand piano in Siegmund’s memory to the Prairie Central music department. Siegmund bought the piano as a gift to himself when he received a Master’s Degree in Colorado.

“He took excellent care of the piano and it became his pride and joy,” said Siegmund’s family. “He would be very proud that the piano will be put to good use at the school.”

Siegmund took piano lessons from local resident Kay Dickey, who said he could have been a concert pianist. Under the direction of Mr. Bruce Hammitt, Siegmund played the trumpet in school and took home several awards at state competitions during his high school career.

The grand piano, which made its debut during the recent Prairie Central High School Pop’s Concert, will be used daily for rehearsals and performances at PC.

“It is with great pride that we accept this wonderful gift and know that it will affect the musical lives of many, many music students at Prairie Central spreading the love of music that Chris had,” said PCHS choir director Todd Cheek.

After graduating high school, Siegmund earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Illinois State University and a Master’s in Business Administration and Management from University of Denver. He worked for the pharma industry and held several positions with Pfizer in the United States, Ireland and Sweden.

Siegmund’s mother, Janie Barnard, and sister, Lori Butler, were in attendance at the recent Prairie Central Pop’s Concert.

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