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Elementary readers honored

(Kyson Daniels, Kellen Willis, Whitney Bachman, Ismael Lopez, Elaine Schmidgall, Principal Emily Wenger, Corbin Higgins, Kenna Rassi, Pierce Dotterer & Adam Carrion.

The top readers at Prairie Central Elementary took a small field trip across town Tuesday for lunch and conversation with the Fairbury Rotary Club.

After talking with all of the teachers, PCE Principal Emily Wenger chose three students from each grade level to attend the Rotary meeting. The students were presented certificates for their efforts.

Second graders included Corbin Higgins, Kenna Rassi and Pierce Dotterer. Third graders were Ismael Lopez, Adam Carrion and Elaine Schmidgall. Fourth graders in attendance included Kyson Daniels, Whitney Bachman and Kellen Willis.

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