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Dontz gives economic update

Greater Livingston County Economic Development Council's Adam Dontz speaks to Rotary.

The chief role of the Greater Livingston County Economic Development Council is to work with businesses looking to expand and attracting business to the area.

Grant money released by the organization primarily comes from Livingston County.

“The money the county gives us comes from a fund created a number of years ago,” GLCEDC executive director Adam Dontz told members of the Fairbury Rotary this week.

A number of businesses and organizations have worked with GLCEDC such as Technical Metals, Hoffman House, Sealtite, BMCH Properties, Livingston County Commission on Youth, LACC and the Prairie Central School District. Collectively, local entities have received $258,586 which goes right back into the community.

“We have about $800,000 remaining in the economic development fund that has been appropriated to us,” Dontz said.

GLCEDC has a property tax abatement program to assist businesses which must be adding on to a facility or building a new facility altogether.

Dontz sees opportunity in the northern part of the county for business development near two major railroads at Dwight. Local officials are hopeful a manufacturer would settle in that area.

“All of the ingredients from an infrastructure perspective area there.”

The GLCEDC is planning to hold its annual dinner in the fall.

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