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Disaster proclamation signed

The Livingston County Courthouse is shown in Pontiac / file photo.

Livingston County Board Chair Kathy Arbogast has signed a disaster proclamation for the county.

The proclamation signed Thursday states, “It is the policy of Livingston County to be prepared to address any disasters and therefore, it is necessary and appropriate to make additional resources within Livingston County available to ensure that the effects of COVID-19 are mitigated and minimized and that residents in Livingston County remain safe and secure.”

The county’s emergency operations plan is activated by the proclamation which states a disaster exists within the county.

“This proclamation of disaster will assist the residents of Livingston County, by and through its Emergency Management Agency and through coordination of federal, state, county and municipal resources and response activities, in an effort to prevent and reduce further damage and hazards, protect the health and safety of persons, protect property and provide emergency response,” the proclamation continued.

A special meeting of the Livingston County Board is set for Thursday, April 2 at 5 p.m. with everyone encouraged to participate remotely through Zoom. The remote meeting is held in accordance with the governor’s executive order 2020-07.

The meeting will also be accessible via telephone and links are provided on the county’s website along with the agenda.

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