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Crews battle fire in frigid temps

Firefighters from a dozen departments battled a large fire on a southern Livingston County dairy farm in frigid temperatures Thursday afternoon.

The Forrest fire chief described the conditions as “brutal” to Fairbury News Thursday evening as multiple trucks froze-up. Departments were called out shortly after 3 p.m. to the farm at 2134 North 2500 East near Strawn.

Upon arrival, firefighters observed a shed fully engulfed and multiple buildings were on fire. A few buildings were lost in the blaze and there were no reports of civilian injuries. It is not known if any animals were impacted or what contents were inside the buildings.

No cause was released and the scene was cleared around 7 p.m.

Responding departments included Forrest-Strawn, Sibley, Fairbury, Chatsworth, Cropsey, Gibson City, Anchor, Colfax, Saunemin, Cullom, Piper City and Pontiac.

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