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Creativity shines at PCUE

(Sixth graders practice talking on a microphone during Discovery Day at PCUE)

It may have been a bit chaotic Thursday at Prairie Central Upper Elementary in Forrest, but the day was described as a “whole lot of fun” by the principal.

The annual Discovery Day had a creativity theme this year, featuring musicians, cooking decorating, 3-D printing and landscape design.  

“We involve all kinds of people from the community to come and share the things they are passionate about,” explained PCUE Principal Ben Klekamp.

Fairbury News was happy to participate in Discovery Day with a session teaching kids about journalism and broadcasting. Students practiced talking on a microphone by recording news updates, weather reports and even commercials.

“It’s really cool to be here and doing this,” said sixth grader Braxton as he put on a broadcast headset for a live segment in front of classmates.

Braxton especially enjoyed the Patrick McGreal musical performance down the hall.

“This morning, they go room to room with their class learning about different ways to be creative then this afternoon, we have sessions where they get to choose specific things they are interested in learning about,” adds Klekamp.

Teachers start planning for this day early in the year by making phone calls and brainstorming ideas.

Klekamp thanked the presenters for taking time out of their schedules to spend the day with PCUE students.


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