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Council hears of parking project

Street Superintendent Martin Steidinger reported to the Fairbury City Council Wednesday night that Dave's Supermarket is considering undertaking a project to seal the cracks and stripe their large parking lot.

The City may split the cost of this project with Dave's Supermarket. The Fire Department will also vote on a new Chief and Assistant Chief. The nominations will be brought to the City Council for approval. Martin's last official day of work before his retirement is April 5.


Police Chief McCormick reported having difficulty finding a replacement police car for the City to purchase. Chief McCormick has only found two possible sources for the vehicle. The Chief will continue to try to find an option for the Council to consider.


During the Public Comment portion of the meeting, two local residents spoke in favor of changing city ordinances to allow the use of UTVs within City Limits. Under current laws, golf carts are permitted within city limits. UTVs are currently not allowed.


An all-terrain vehicle (ATV) usually allows one rider to go off-road. A utility task vehicle (UTV) is a larger type of ATV designed to haul heavier loads and allow additional passengers. ATVs are primarily used for recreation, whereas UTVs are often used for professional tasks such as farming or landscaping.


One citizen suggested the rules and regulations for UTVs should be distributed to the public using Facebook, newspapers, and other media. The Fairbury Speedway could broadcast the rules at the big races. The citizen said other small towns are allowing UTVs and are OK with them. Mayor Slagel thanked the citizens for their input to the Council.


Adam Dontz, Chief Executive Officer of the GLCEDC (Greater Livingston County Economic Development Council), made a presentation to the Council on behalf of Sealtite Insulation and Slabjacking. Sealtite is building a new facility west of Fairbury on Route 24.


Mr. Dontz proposed Sealtite be granted a property tax abatement for their new facility. Sealtite would pay no property tax for the first three years, then pay 50 percent of the tax in years four and five. The Council voted to approve this property tax abatement proposal. The Council also voted to approve the purchase of materials to extend water mains for development along Oak Street (Route 24).

In other business, the Fairbury City Council approved the Consent Agenda, including the last meeting minutes, financial reports, police reports, and sidewalk requests.


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