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Cost share increase approved

The City of Fairbury will be chipping in more for sidewalks and parking area concrete after a vote by the City Council Wednesday evening.

A cost share increase to $2.50 per square foot was approved by the group. This price is not out of line to Street Superintendent Martin Steidinger who noted costs are rising.

“Concrete has gone up considerably,” he said.

Previously, the city’s share for sidewalks was $1.75 and $1.85 for parking areas. Now each will be at the new price level. When someone applies for a sidewalk, the city measures it and it is poured. The city pays the homeowner who then pays the bill. Whether the work is hired out or a resident does it themselves, the homeowner is paid regardless.

“Is that enough?” asked Alderman Charles Hoselton.

Mayor David Slagel pointed out that if the average cost is $5 to $7 per square foot, the city’s new $2.50 share is close to half or at least the low side of it.

Alderman Gary Norris made the motion to increase the city’s cost share for sidewalks and parking areas.

In other action Wednesday, the Fairbury City Council took care of typical business for the new municipal fiscal year by approving Bank of Pontiac, Busey Bank, Morton Community Bank, First State Bank of Forrest and The Illinois Funds as financial institutions for the city and approving Dale Diller, Nancy Widlacki, Alexandria Voorheis and Brett Ashburn as check signers.

Bank of Pontiac was authorized as the financial institution for the city Police Department restricted funds and unawarded seized funds accounts with Randall Vedder, Dale Diller, Robert McCormick and Brett Ashburn the check signers. The group also allowed bills to be paid during the year to the Postmaster for postage, Dominy Library for memorials, Livingston County Circuit Clerk for recordings and health care payments.

The council amended Chapter 5 of the municipal code relating to irrigation meters and charges. Those getting a second water meter will not get charged for sewer service, just on the usage.

City Superintendent Brett Ashburn scheduled a Streets and Alley Committee meeting for Wednesday, May 11 at 6 p.m. to discuss the city garbage situation. Steidinger said there is a need to replace a fireman suit since one coat zipper broke.

Sewer Superintendent Brad Duncan was acknowledged with a round of applause from council members for recently winning the Wastewater Operator of the Year award in Springfield.

During public comment, a resident inquired about amending the ordinance which states a camper must be parked on the rear yard of a property. Mayor Slagel said the city is looking into rewriting the ordinance.

Also at Wednesday’s meeting, the Fairbury City Council:

-Approved the consent agenda, including April 20 minutes, voucher invoice register, treasurer’s cash report, check register and overtime report.

-Learned swimming pool passes are available for purchase.

-Closed the city Bank of Pontiac checking account with funds to be moved to the Bank of Pontiac Insured Cash Sweep Account and to be tracked separately from other funds in the account.

-Closed the city’s Brian J. Munz Public Safety Morton Community Bank account with the funds to be moved to the city Fire Department account at Morton Community Bank.

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