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Community mourns losses

The Prairie Central basketball team at last week's award banquet at PCHS in Fairbury.

Residents of the Prairie Central School District along with others near and far continue grieving the loss of two teens who passed away over the weekend.

PC seniors Dylan Bazzell and Drew Fehr were involved in a sledding accident at Copper Mountain Ski resort in Colorado.

Many woke up to the tragic news Monday morning which was the start of spring break for the school district. Area churches offered to open their doors to those who wanted to gather or pray and similar efforts were made by businesses.

Several social media users changed their profile pictures to show support for the school and community with “Hawks forever” in front of a giant “P” and another which showed the Hawk mascot with the numbers 14 and 21.

Prairie Central Superintendent Paula Crane released a statement Monday morning, calling it a “tragic accident that has resulted in a significant loss in our schools and our community.”

She explained the school teamed with First Baptist Church of Fairbury, which is next to Prairie Central High School, to offer prayer, counseling, and a place for students to gather.

“This loss will affect everyone in our school family and in our communities,” the letter stated. “Students may have a difficult time dealing with the loss and we encourage you to talk with your child.”

In an updated letter to the community released late Monday, Crane said counselors would be available at the high school library in Fairbury from 9 to 11 a.m. Tuesday and the time will be extended for students as needed. A Google Form has been created for students to submit or for parents or friends to submit on behalf of students to request additional help.

Dylan Bazzell, center, speaks with Fairbury News last fall with his dad, Darin (right) and teammate Levi Goad (left).

Drew Fehr (bottom right) was at February's football signing ceremony for fellow player Noah Nagel.

Dylan Bazzell goes up for a shot at Tri-Valley this season while Drew Fehr (left side) looks on.

Drew Fehr (second from right) with PC football coach Andrew Quain, Cam Palmore & Jackson Livengood last fall.

Dylan Bazzell and Drew Fehr (standing) sign autographs at First Baptist Church's Upward Sunday this month.

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