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City talks sidewalks

Several sidewalk requests were authorized by the Fairbury City Council Wednesday night.

Work was approved for sidewalks on Elm, Hickory, Fifth and Oak streets. The city budgets $10,000 for sidewalk replacement each year and these were the first approved for the current fiscal year.

“We have a sidewalk budget,” noted City Superintendent Brett Ashburn.

In another matter, the group authorized a small equipment loan for the fire department’s mandated equipment replacement in the amount of $175,000. The city is looking to borrow money for five years from Fairbury-Cropsey Community bank, a division of Morton Community Bank.

“It will replace all of the packs and bottles,” explained Fire Chief Martin Steidinger. “The packs will be here in about a month.”

This also covers an air compressor upgrade and reconfigured trucks.

A quote from Sidner Environmental Services was approved for $6,850.28 to bring the water plant chlorine room up to Illinois Environmental Protection Agency standards. Ashburn said a recent site visit went fairly well although IEPA would like to see some issues addressed in the room.

The summer swimming pool season was another talking point. Mayor David Slagel hopes the pool opens at some point and noted the city is keeping its options open. A potential lifeguard shortage could mean fewer operating hours. City Clerk Nancy Widlacki said three returning lifeguards must be re-certified and two new ones need certification.

A few guards have taken other employment but one has offered to fill-in as needed.

“On a daily basis, we need a minimum of five guards,” Widlacki explained.

If temperatures rise above 90, another guard is needed. The hope is to at least have the pool open a couple of days a week if possible.

“We’ve got to have something for the kids to do,” said Slagel.

“I sure hope so,” added Alderman Jon Kinate. “It’d be awesome.”

During the public comment portion of the meeting, resident Bill Mashburn, who lives on East Maple Street, voiced concerns over sewers backing up into his basement and wondered if this will continue once the new sewer project is completed.

“Across the road from me, there’s a manhole and this last Sunday, there was actually water coming up through the top of the manhole,” said Mashburn.

Ashburn told Mashburn time will tell if this will change. The plant is not at 100 percent capacity yet so it is hard to gauge with the amount of rain we had.

“Some of these questions would be better addressed to our sewer superintendent,” Slagel told Mashburn.

Also at Wednesday’s meeting, the Fairbury City Council:

-Approved Bank of Pontiac, Busey, Morton Community, First State Bank of Forrest and The Illinois Funds as financial institutions for the city and to approve Dale Diller, Nancy Widlacki, Alexandria Voorheis and Brett Ashburn as check signers.

-Authorized Bank of Pontiac as the financial institution for the city police department restricted funds and un-awarded seized funds accounts and to approve Randall Vedder, Dale Diller, Robert McCormick and Brett Ashburn as check signers.

-Allowed bills to be paid during the year to the postmaster for postage, Dominy Library for memorials, Livingston County Circuit Clerk for recordings and healthcare payments along with workman’s compensation, commercial and professional insurances. Also, gas credit card bills to avoid late charge if the bill arrives in between payment cycles/board meetings.

-Granted a request from Clerk Nancy Widlacki to increase the solicitor’s vest deposit amount.

-Approved pay request 22 for the sewer project, which is about 90 percent complete. The plant is not yet at full capacity and a portion of the treatment is still being worked on in the final stage.

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