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City approves well rehab

The Fairbury City Council approved a quote for the rehabilitation of a well for the Water Department.

During Wednesday’s regular meeting, the group voted to go with a company known as Layne for the project after receiving two quotes.

“That well had a lot of iron and manganese buildup in it,” explained City Superintendent Brett Ashburn.

Water Superintendent Mike Mellott felt Layne would be the better option as the other proposal included dumping chemicals which would involve shutting the well down. Layne is the usual company for well rehabilitations in town, according to Ashburn.

The proposal includes a multiple phase approach with physical and chemical aspects. This includes using a surge block to move water back and forth through the screen to break up the buildup.

Alderman Jon Kinate made the motion to approve the matter with a second from Alderman Charles Hoselton.

In other business, the council authorized an estimate of $14,900 replace heat at Old City Hall.

Mayor David Slagel shared a thank you note from Kathy Cook for a donation to the Fairbury Community Food Pantry.

A Personnel Committee meeting was scheduled for Monday, Jan. 30 at 6 p.m.

Street Superintendent Martin Steidinger said they got the bed installed on a pickup and got it back. Eventually, lights and radios will be installed.

Council members approved the consent agenda, including Dec. 21 meeting minutes, voucher invoice register, treasurer’s cash report, check register and overtime report.

The council entered into executive session, although no action was taken before they adjourned for the evening.

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