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City approves commercial area

Sharon Backstein gave a brief verbal presentation to members of the Fairbury City Council last week regarding the possibility of a dog park facility in town.

She is a dog owner and takes her dogs to the dog park in Pontiac, located where the old Pontiac Airport used to be. Mayor David Slagel said the Council would take the idea of a dog park under advisement.

An LLC that owns the land just west of RP Lumber on Route 24 proposed a new commercial subdivision to the City Council. The first phases of this project will include business locations for Sealtite Insulation and Steidinger Brothers, Inc. Plumbing, Heating & Electrical.

The LLC is also working with the State of Illinois to approve a driveway connection to Route 24. The new commercial subdivision will have available lots for other future business locations. The Council voted to approve this new commercial subdivision.

Dale Maley reported the project to replace the awning roof at the Fairbury EchoesMuseum is underway. He is estimating the project should be completed by early August.

The recent drought has raised concerns about the potential to ration water in Fairbury. Mike Mellott, the Water Department Superintendent, reported the recent rains have helped the city water wells recover somewhat from the drought.

City Superintendent Brett Ashburn reported he has contacted IDOT (Illinois Department of Transportation) regarding when Route 24 will be fully repaired.

IDOT stated they planned on patching the potholes again this fall. Complete repairs on the section of Route 24 from the east side of Fairbury to the McLean County line are scheduled in the 2026 state budget year.

The City Council voted and approved the purchase of a utility cart for the Wastewater Department. It will be used for general purposes at the wastewater facility.

The City of Fairbury has been working with the Prairie Central School District on running a new stormwater drain line from the school to Indian Creek. This drain line could improve water drainage from city streets north of Hickory Street. The Council approved a project expense of $76,000 with Prairie Central to reimburse the city for one-half of this expenditure. The City Council also approved a cost of $800 to survey the draining system for future improvements.

Also at the recent meeting, the Fairbury City Council approved the consent agenda, previous meeting minutes, financial reports, police reports and sidewalk requests.

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