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Benefit auction underway

This week’s annual Fairview Haven Harvest of Sharing benefit auction may look a bit different, but the idea is the same.

In past years, the event served around 2,000 meals but they are not doing that this year due to COVID-19. The auction, which runs through Friday evening, is live now and can be found at or by searching for “Harvest of Sharing.”

“We have a wonderful bidding platform,” said Rick Plattner, director of public relations for Fairview Haven.

Those browsing the auction will find almost 470 different items which were donated and even a virtual meal.

“Typically, we have close to a thousand items but we felt like an online situation might be a little tricky to maneuver through,” Plattner added.

Fairview Haven has already received plenty of donations this year and even before the auction opened, probably received over $40,000 in support from folks that want the fundraiser to be a success.

“The benefit this year, like most years, supports what we call our Good Samaritan Fund that assists us in providing for the needs of residents whose funds have been expired,” Plattner explained.

Even though the auction has never been done this way before, Plattner feels the support has been tremendous so far.

With COVID-19 changing many things at Fairview Haven, Plattner thanks everyone for their financial, emotional and prayerful support.

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