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Train horns annoying to some

Fairbury residents annoyed with the sound of loud train horns may have to buy a set of earplugs since there doesn’t appear to be much the city can do about the matter.

Alderman Gary Norris said at Wednesday’s Fairbury City Council meeting that he received a concern over honking at 2 a.m. Norris pointed out Lexington’s signs that say no train horns and wondered if there was anything that could be done in Fairbury.

“I think it would be a huge liability,” said Mayor David Slagel.

Street Superintendent Martin Steidinger and others seemed to agree the city does not want cross arms. The resident who brought the concern to Norris apparently checked with other towns which were able to have ordinances against this.

Alderman Jerry Hoffman expressed concerns over golf carts in town with headlights in the center only. He feels the lights should be on the outside as the middle lights resemble motorcycles.

The council approved the purchase of new mixing tanks for the water treatment plant. Jon Kinate made the motion to work with Technical Metals at a purchase price of $7500. Merrick Industries offered a price of $14,865 for two tanks. The city will seek bids for the tank installation. A proposal from G.A. Rich to install tanks and furnish related piping is priced at $6,900.

“These people are experienced in it,” said Water Superintendent Duane Ifft.

Also on Wednesday’s meeting agenda was the sale of the Fairbury K9 unit, including the police vehicle and K9 dog officer to the Livingston County Sheriff’s Department in the amount of $27,500. The council formally approved the matter and the money will be deposited into the K9 Fund held by Prairie Lands Foundation for a future K9 program.

Following an executive session, the council approved hiring three new police officers. According to Mayor Slagel, they interviewed five applicants and he and the chief will choose the three to hire, which will come before the council at a future meeting. The hiring approval was necessary so spots could be reserved in the academy as soon as possible.

Also at the meeting, the Fairbury City Council:

-Appointed Gary Hofmann and Marcia Walter as trustees of Dominy Memorial Library.

-Approved an employment contract between the city and new Chief of Police Robert McCormick.

-Learned that the annual fire hydrant flushing started on the south side of town.

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