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Sutherlands share travel tales

A trip which covered 22,000 miles in nine months was detailed before members of the Fairbury Rotary Club on Tuesday.

The Sutherland family provided the program for the Rotary meeting held on Zoom live from their travel trailer parked across from the house of Jessica Sutherland’s parents, John and Connie Rich.

Sean Sutherland retired from the Air Force last fall. It was after this when Sean, Jessica and their kids, Marissa and Macager, started traveling and moved out of their house and into a recreational vehicle. They are referred to as a “full-time family” – part of a group of other families who have moved into some type of mobile home.

“They offer rallies all over the United States when we gather together,” Jessica explained.

The rallies are a favorite for Marissa while Macager also likes them but isn’t so wild about having to move so often.

The Sutherland’s trip started in Florida and traveled up the east coast to Canada before heading back through the Midwest and eventually down to New Mexico.

“All of this travel was on our own,” said Sean.

They connected with other full-time families in New Mexico and traveled around the southeast and southwest. The kids were able to network through Scouts and even attended meetings in different towns.

Upgrades made to the RV allowed flexibility for the different places the Sutherlands stayed at. The unit has a small battery to make sure the lights and stove operate but cannot power large things for very long.

“Modern life doesn’t stop when you are on the road,” Sean added.

At the start of Tuesday’s Rotary meeting, District Governor Julie Dobski gave district updates and words of encouragement. She said different grants will be awarded and encouraged the club to apply.

“Most of the clubs that applied got them last year,” Dobski noted.

Dobski thanked the Rotary for its support of the foundation as there is time through the end of the year to consider a donation. She also reminded club members of the Rotary Strong t-shirts which are currently available.

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