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Liquor license not approved

A consideration to increase the allowable number of liquor licenses never materialized at Wednesday’s regular meeting of the Fairbury City Council due to the lack of a motion.

Chapter 8 of the city’s municipal code covers liquor, tobacco and gaming. The council did not see the need for this as it is something they feel is already adequately represented in the city, according to Mayor David Slagel.

Due to the lack of action, a liquor license application from Family Dollar at 110 West Oak Street did not get approved.

“They applied for a liquor license and we were at our max of 12 already,” explained Slagel. “So we said you could apply, but the only way it would happen is if we also amended our ordinance to allow for 13.”

Local resident Diane Pawlowski feels a potential increase in the number of liquor licenses is a bad idea and shared her thoughts during the public comment portion of the meeting.

“Currently, there are 12 licenses allowed in Fairbury,” Pawlowski said. “The question is, will increasing that number be a good thing or a bad thing for Fairbury?”

Pawlowski believes an increase in the number of licenses would have a negative impact on the local economy even if we weren’t experiencing the current times in which restaurants are suffering.

Also at this week’s meeting, a quote from Layne Christensen Company was authorized to rehab well seven. The well has started to degrade and the city is not getting the quantity of water out of it anymore.

“They come and sonic blast it, or whatever they do, and kind of reopen the vein so water starts flowing again,” said Mayor Slagel.

The council once again discussed the installation of a backup generator for the city water tower. City Superintendent Brett Ashburn talked to Ameren and they said it would be possible to trench a line from the Fire Department to the water tower to run off of the department’s generator. This is an alternative to adding a new generator there.

City leaders decided to put the discussion on hold regarding employee compensation due to current circumstances but did decide to approve employee raises which are the same as last year. If the economy improves, this will be revisited.

There was an executive session held for personnel matters but no action was taken.

In other action, the Fairbury City Council:

-Approved pay request 20 for the sewer project in the amount of $391,218.24.

-Authorized a donation request to Show Bus public transportation for $750, which is the same as last year.

-Passed the consent agenda, which included the voucher invoice listing the bills and treasurer’s cash report.

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