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Forrest hears about GLCEDC

Economic development was a talking point at this week’s meeting of the Forrest Village Board.

Greater Livingston County Economic Development Council director Adam Dontz updated the group on the organization. He spoke of economic stimulus grants for Louis John Slagel’s businesses on both sides of Route 47 which have created over 20 jobs.

“That’s real money coming back to the community,” Dontz said.

GLCEDC helps the Prairie Central school district’s STEAM program and is working to get more business representatives into the school to speak on a regular basis. Dontz told the board the GLCEDC invoice for Forrest would be the same amount as last year.

“I’ll take any questions anybody has.”

A motion to approve membership dues for GLCEDC was approved.

In another matter, the Forrest Village Board authorized a quote from Nelson Painting to paint the caboose for $2950 in hopes everything will be completed by the Wabash Festival.

“Do we want to paint it or don’t we want to paint it?” Village President Lewis Breeden asked the board prior to the vote.

Trustee Leslie DeFries made the motion for the painting quote.

During an update given by village clerk and treasurer Lori Kimmel, the board learned of emergency sirens north of town not working. They are being worked on currently. Also, two street lights across from Coffee Steamer by the elevator will get new bulbs from RTJ Electric. The lights belong to the village.

The board approved a motion to put a recreational cannabis question on the November election ballot. This will allow Forrest residents to share their opinion on the matter. Breeden explained anything the village does not have an ordinance on currently falls back to the state.

“Right now, we are falling under the state statute,” he noted.

Breeden is expected to bring back more information in April regarding a proposed office space he would have at the village hall where the riser currently is. This would likely consist of two doors and a window with half of the space used as storage.

“Let me get something drawn up,” Breeden said.

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